Our Boat

20' deck, 16'3" stern entry playpen, Black paneling on the outside. Totally rebuilt 3/2014

Our Boat

When we decided to rebuild, we wanted more seating. Our old boat had a flip flop and we wanted more seating by the captain. We thought we might be hindered by the 20’ deck, but the 72” side pieces with a 24” corner gave us 116” of rail space in the bow and stern. With only a 16’ interior playpen we still have seating for 10. Our grandchildren love to swim so we replaced the closed stern on the old boat with a stern entry. The old fence came all the way to the back but we moved the new fence a couple feet forward to make room. It also allowed space for a gas tank box. The old boat had the gas tank beneath a seat. The storage box is a truck tool box that we painted black to match the fence. With the black paneling on the outside everyone who saw the re-build thought we had bought a new boat.
pontoon boat seating pontoon boat benches
We are very pleased with the seating. Several people can sit by the Captain and when we’re at anchor, he can swivel and talk to everyone. The 55” bow seating (both port and starboard) is big enough for two adults to sit comfortably. The small benches on the old boat were only big enough for one person.
captain chair pontoon top
The top was a difficult decision. We couldn’t decide between black or tan tops. The top is from pontoonboattops.com.
(one of our companies) We tried both, but eventually decided on the black.


16’3” stern entry fence package $1625. - pontoonfence.com
Furniture-Captains Seat $2599- pontoonstuff.com
we used our old captains helm and instruments
20’ re-deck kit, carpet, decking, glue and parts $699 - pontoonstuff.com
We had so much trouble getting the old carpet and glue up, we decided to replace the decking.
8’ Deluxe Package pontoon top $399 - pontoonboattops.com
Stainless steel stern entry ladder $229 - dockandpontoonladders.com

Total $5322
Our old boat had a nine year old 40 HP Honda that we bought new and it runs perfectly.
No more than we boat, I expect another nine years of trouble free operation from it.