The Layout

The inside dimension on a set of pontoon fence or pontoon railing is called the “playpen”. It describes the length because the width is almost always 92”.

Be certain to measure the width of your deck, some older boats were 8’6”

In stating the playpen length we are measuring the dimension front to stern.
Older pontoon boats often had as much as four feet extending out in the front of the fence. This was generally for fishing seats or swimmers. Newer pontoon boats have reduced this dimension and some playpens go to the end of the deck.

Pontoon Fence & Railing Layout
72” + 28” + 72” and 24”= 196” or 16’3”
A 16’3” playpen on a 20’ deck allows for 3’ 7” of usable deck space. You can decide how to allocate the space. A foot in the stern for gas tanks and two and a half feet up front.

Planning your playpen

If you are re-carpeting your pontoon deck and the fence is off, you have the opportunity to redesign your pontoon rail configuration. You don’t have to replace your old pontoon fence with an identical configuration.  Many older pontoon boats had small areas in the stern with large open areas in the bow.  Modern pontoon boats have large stern seating areas with reduced seating in front.  Some older pontoon boats had 3’ or 4’ open decks in front of the fence, sometimes for fishing seats.  You can reduce this open area and increase the length of the inside fence area, or vice-versa.  By the same token you can open up a cluttered stern by moving the captains helm, although check the length of your control cables.
Pontoon Boat Play Pen Pontoon Boat Play Pen

It is the responsibility of the installer to mount and secure replacement pontoon fence in a safe manner that conforms
 to Coast Guard and local safety standards. supplies only general guidelines as to how replacement fence
 should be installed. Generally our fence is sold to replace old pontoon fence. If the old fence was installed properly, the new
 fence should be also. But, it is up to the installer to make certain that it is installed safely, with no loose parts, sharp edges, etc.
Safety pinch guards (supplied) must be installed on gates. is not responsible for fence improperly or unsafely installed.

pontoon fence layout