Pontoon Boat Fence Railing Components

We are not a custom manufacturer if you cannot assemble the configuration of
 pontoon fence you want from our stock pieces, we unfortunately can’t help.


It’s Modular; If you don’t want to design it special see the Fence Package page.

all orders over $79

Gate or Small Fence Piece

all orders over $79
FG-24" - $89 FG-28" - $89 FG-30" - $99 FG-34" - $99
24" wide pontoon boat gate 28" Pontoon Boat Gate 30" pontoon boat gate 34" pontoon boat gate
Gates and small fence pieces are 25 1/2" tall. Other fence is 26" tall.

Port - Left Corner
PN:FF-PC-3224 $189

Corner Fence

 Starboard - Right Corner
PN: FF-SC-3224 $189
pontoon fence left corner 32" accross the front and
24" up the side

Left Corner FF-PC-3224
Right Corner  FF-SC-3224

Corners are usually sold in pairs
pontoon fence right corner
A 32” left, a 32” right, and a 28” gate with a small gap on each side of the gate will make a playpen that is about 93” wide. Pontoons with a 8’6” wide deck will need a 34” gate and will yield a playpen about 99” wide. Most pontoons have 2”-3” of deck trim on each side. Our fence is designed to meet right at the edges of the deck trim.
48" Fence
PN: FF-48S $165

Straight Fence

72" Fence
PN: FF-72S $185
pontoon fence Straight pieces can be bolted to the 24” corner piece running up the side. On some floor plans a 92” straight piece can serve as a stern piece (16’ 3” package). pontoon fence

The average pontoon has an 8’ (96”) wide deck. A 32” left and a 32” right and a 28” gate with a small gap on each side of the gate yields a playpen that is about 93” wide. 1” to 2” of side deck trim is usually on the carpet next to the fence.
92" Fence
PN: FF-92S $215.00
Paneling on the Inside or Outside

Paneling on straight pieces is “universal”.
By turning the piece of fence around, paneling
can be on the inside or outside. Corners must be
assembled with the paneling on the inside or outside.

all orders over $79
pontoon fence 

Fence Paneling is available in Blue, Black, Burgundy or Creme
click here for the specs page to see colors

Pontoon railing components

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